Michael D. Dawidziak


Michael D. Dawidziak (more popularly known as Mike D.) is the founder and president of Strategic Planning Systems, Inc. He is a nationally known pollster, general consultant and political strategist and has worked on races for all levels of government in every state in the country, including four presidential campaigns. He was a recognized pioneer and innovator of what we call “micro-targeting” today.

Over the last 35 years, Michael’s reputation has grown nationally in the areas of public opinion management, polling, communications, strategic planning, media management, debate prep, press/public relations, grass roots public opinion, and demographic targeting, to a wide variety of political and corporate clients in all fifty states of the country.

Strategic Planning Systems, Inc. has built a solid nationwide reputation for innovation and commitment to success. Past and current clients include major newspapers, universities, charities, real estate developers, financial institutions, advertising agencies, health care providers, major law firms and publishers.

News12Iowa2016Michael has also appeared regularly in the pages of Newsday as an opinion writer on local and national political attitudes. He has appeared nationally on FOX News and CNN and is a frequent political analyst for News 12. Michael has contributed to and been quoted often in the New York Times, Newsday and many other national newspapers and publications.

Michael and his wife, Pamela J. Greene (attorney and former Town of Islip Councilwoman) founded and run the Rollstone Foundation, a charity dedicated to aiding in the adoption of special needs orphans all over the world. He has worked prominently in the area of environmental protection, immigration reform and also serves as a fund raiser for a wide variety of charities and causes.