In any given campaign (be it business or political), only a small percentage of the general population will actually determine the outcome.  Figuring out who these people are and what messages will work with particular sub-groups is what we call micro-targeting.  Strategic Planning’s founder, Michael Dawidziak, was one of the innovators in this field (in the 1970’s) combining demography with computer technology.  Targeting the majority of resources to the “swing cells” is a vital ingredient to victory.



With over 25 years of campaign experience, Strategic Planning has built a solid nationwide reputation for success.  We have worked on all levels of government from four presidential races to town boards and in all fifty states.  All campaigns come down to two words: Persuasion and Turnout.  We are experts at both.  Successful persuasion and turnout come down to two things: Message Formulation and Message Delivery.  Again, we are experts at both.  That is why businesses and candidates alike look to Strategic Planning to bring then successfully across the finish line.


New School Center for New York City Affairs – 2010 Election Political Round Table Discussion
New School Center for New York City Affairs – 2010 Election Political Round Table Discussion

Companies often find themselves in situations where they need to influence public opinion in order to move forward with a particular project or initiative.  When they do, they often turn to Strategic Planning.  We can gauge current attitudes, identify swing demographic groups and create a persuasive message that will turn the tide of pubic opinion.  These quantifiable results can then be used to persuade decision makers to give their support.


When it comes to polling, Strategic Planning has a national reputation for accuracy in our numbers and analysis.  We have provided polling services to a wide variety of business sectors such as newspapers, financial industries, health care providers, energy companies, law firms, jury consultants, universities, advertising agencies, real estate developers and, of course, political candidates.  Strategic Planning’s poll numbers are trusted in major board rooms as well as in major newspapers and television networks.